About Us

We are the organic community, a health minded yoga and nutrition studio with a touch of creativity.


We invite you to join us

We offer a range of yoga classes including Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin styles and cater to all levels including beginner to advanced.

At the organic community we are also lucky enough to have our own in house nutritionist available for consults and advice.

Within our studio we also welcome creativity and within  in the near future will offering a range of classes, from cooking, to knitting and even painting.

All are welcome, after all we pride ourselves on our community spirit !!



just meditating, enjoying @georgegilles_
Maya Brunner

Trained in Hatha and Vinyassa, Maya is a experienced yoga teacher. Her philosophy is that exercise should be enjoyed and health is achieved when one is connected with both mind and body as well as

nurturing the body with amazing food. 

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Yasmine Brunner 

Trained in Hatha and Vinyassa, With a back ground in classical ballet. Yasmine has a deep love for music and movement. Her philosophy is movement throughout the lifespan facilitates an individuals optimum health. 


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Organic Community 

1 Seaforth Ave Hazelwood Park 



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