Vinyasa Yoga can be best described as a combination between breathe and movement within a flow. The Vinyasa style has influence from both ashtanga and hatha yoga. 


Vinyasa is a dynamic strong practice which aims to help increase strength, heart rate and breath flow. 

Vinyasa is a very active form of yoga and has proven to show great results for tonning and physical strength 

Vinyasa can often also follow a five breath count to increase concentration and help with breath flow 

A variety of asanas are performed within a Vinyasa class and can vary from class to class.

At The Organic community we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.   

At the Organic Community we offer a variety of classes including.......



Hatha yoga is the most common form of yoga practiced. Hatha yoga was one of the first styles of physical yoga to develop. The word Hatha is formed from two words "ha" sun , solar pranic energy force within the body and "tha" the moon, lunar energy within the body. Hatha is the practice of balancing these two forms of energy. 

In hatha yoga we take time to hold poses in order to align and calm the body, mind and spirit

Hatha is an excellent class in order to increase flexibility, mindfulness, decrease stress and increase awareness within our body.  

A variety of asanas may also be performed within a hatha class.

Hatha classes cater to beginner and intermediate yogis but that said are essential in providing balance when more physical styles of yoga are practiced. 



Yin Yoga is a slow style of yoga that generally consists of floor based asanas which are held for longer periods of time (between 2-5 minutes).

Yin style yoga is a gentle practice with slow moments with the aim to become still within practice.

Yin targets deep layers of the body, such as tendons, fascia and ligaments.

Yin is a peaceful style of yoga promoting stillness, mindfulness, flexibility, joint mobility and circulation. 
























 Meditation is the practice of focused awareness and attention. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and there are many different techniques and ways a individual can meditate.  

Mediation practices keeping the mind within the present moment and engaged within our life this ultimately helps us change perspective and improves our outlook. 

One of the original aims and purposes of yoga is to be one with mind, body and nature in order to reach a state of higher state of meditation.

At the organic community each yoga class has an optional 10 minute meditation session. We are also looking to include 30 minute meditation sessions on our time table. 


What to expect at the organic community 





We are super excited to offer our community a range of authentic yoga classes brought to you by our experienced yoga teachers. 

At the organic community we ask that you arrive 10 mins before class begins to find a spot relax and enjoy a cup of organic herbal tea.

If you are new injured or pregnant we also ask that you let us know prior to the class starting so we can provide plenty of options and cater the class to everyone needs.

Every class includes 10 minutes of meditation at the end of the class. This is optional and you may leave before meditation begins, but you are also welcome to stay for the next class and a cup of tea in our waiting area. 

One of our yoga practitioners is trained in classical guitar so on occasion guitar may be played during meditation

When attending class we ask that you bring your own yoga mat, however we do have exclusive yoga mats for purchase in shop area.

We provide all yoga blocks and straps and have them available for purchase. 

We also have free yoga mat storage so you may leave your yoga mats with us for your next class. 


If you are unwell or sick we ask that you don't

attend the class as we wish to keep our community healthy and safe. 

Finally we also have a kindness policy, so within our studio please be welcoming and kind to all.