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What is a Nutritionist 

Nutritionists are University qualified nutrition scientists that engage in evidence based nutrition practice. 

A Nutritionist is a health care practitioner who provides advice and guidance in relation  to how food and diet effects health and health outcomes. Nutritionists rely on scientific evidence to draw conclusions, make recommendations , and design health and food related interventions with the intention to improve any individuals well being and overall health through the application of food and nutrition. 

Nutritionists hold the ​belief that nutrition is different for every individual and this includes nutritional interventions. We look to Nutrition with a not one size fits all philosophy which means we cater for every individual according to their needs. As a Nutritionists we also have the ability to recommend supplementation's if required which may include Vitamins and minerals, But mainly through practice our collective aim is to gain these from the diet to recover health.  

I hold a Bachelor of Human Nutrition from Flinders University in South Australia and am a Member of the NSA (Nutrition society of Australia) 


At the Organic Community we Provide a range of services to assist you with your nutritional needs these can include: 

- Individual Consultations 

- Family Consultations 

- Personally tailored meal plans 

- Group education sessions

- Supermarket Shopping tours and  label reading advice 

Very soon we will also be launching our Yoga Body program which will combine yoga and nutrition to reach and achieve individuals goals both in fitness and health 

                                                                            Who can we help ?

We can help a variety of individuals with a range of areas, including but not limited to:

- Weight loss/ or gain 

- Healthy eating 

- Food allergies and intolerance

- Skin Conditions 

- Sleep Conditions
- Fatigue & Energy
- Sports Nutrition

- Nutrition for the elderly 

- Bone heath 

- Men and Women's Health ​

- Nutrition for well being 

- Yoga Nutrition 


At the Organic Community to achieve the best results for our clients, we have created and industry first this incudes an optional 3 step process to insure people say on track and gain the results that they require 

Initial consult 

We learn about you and what you want to achieve

1 hr 


Intervention consult 

We provide you with advice and plan to achieve results 

45 mins

Follow up consult 

We check your progress 

30 mins 

We understand that a 3 step process is not warranted for certain situations so individual appointments are also available 



3 step consult = $200 (block of 3) 


Individual Consult= $120

To book a nutrition consult call 

0403894227 0r email

The Nutritionists Philosophy

I have learned over time and from personal experience, that ultimate health and well being is achieved when there is a symbiotic relationship between Nutrition, the mind and the spirit. 

When we eat well, we look after our physical, internal and mental body and when all these aspects are within balance we are able to flourish to be our unlimited selves. 

The mind is incredibly strong and if we have our minds set on anything we wish to achieve we can be limitless 

although sometimes extra support can be provided to assist us within our own personal journeys.



























Maya Brunner