Colouring hair with henna

For many years, I've been colouring my hair for fun.

Naturally my hair colour is a dark-ish brown.

I began colouring my hair blonde back in high school.

I was blonde for a pretty long time, but i continued to dye my hair back and forth from brown to blonde and i noticed that my hair was getting thinner, it was dry, would snap off in my hand.

About 6 months ago i decided to dye my hair with henna and this is what happened......

Things you need to know about Henna

I came across henna online after looking at natural ways to dye my hair. After dying my bleached blonde hair brown again, the brown was beginning to fade and wash out, my hair was dead. So i decided to look for alternatives......

First of all if you are unfamiliar with Henna..

Henna is a plant native to the middle east that has been used over thousands of years to decorate the body and hair.

Henna hair colour is usually comprised of cocoa butter, henna and other ingredients such as indigo herb and fresh lemon juice.

When i say Henna is messy, its like a poo explosion in the bathroom..... There needs to be towels all over the floor before you even start.

I came across the lush website and noticed they sold henna hair dye in 4 different colours fiery Rouge (red) , chocolatey Brun (brown) , autumnal Marron (maroon) and dark noir (black) . I was originally just going to just try the brown henna but ... i'm the kinda person who likes to try every thing.

So i went to lush and asked them a million and a half questions about dying hair with henna.

I learned that henna is considered a permanent hair dye and will only fade over time, the dye works like a varnish over your natural hair colour rather than chemically changing it.

How does Henna work ?

One strand of hair is comprised of two or three layers (depending on genetics). The outer protective layer is called the cuticle, comprised of flat cells that overlap. The cuticle protects the cortex layer, where the hair colour is formed.

Chemical colours travel past the cuticle, enter the cortex changing the hair colour. This process causes damage to the protective cells of the cuticle making them disjointed, this makes it difficult for sebum to travel and hydrate the ends of your hair.

Unlike synthetic, chemical dyes, henna strengthens the cuticle which adds a further protective layer.

What henna did to my hair

Everyone will experience different results when using henna. The lighter you hair colour the stronger the colour, but you must colour it more often as it fade quicker. The darker the hair, the deeper the colour, and henna can be used less often. You can colour any hair type with henna. You can even colour over gray hair.

I decided to try the rouge henna on first attempt, as my hair is bleached it came out super orange.....

I loved it but i wanted it a bit darker, so the next day i did a repeat colour. This time my hair came out quite red.

With henna you can do as many coats as you like!

The more coats you do, the stronger the colour and the softer the hair. The coco butter added makes hair crazy soft. For darker red hair, wrap your head in glad wrap.

I have also tried the maroon colour and that was my favourite as it produced dark red tones in my hair.

Recently i tried the black henna....

on my first coat my hair came out a chestnut colour as the red henna will stick to your hair more then the black henna.

on my second coat it came out a sort of dark red brown.

How long does henna last ?

Henna will last anywhere between 6-12 weeks dependant on the colour of your hair.

Henna blocks sold at lush are $25 which is heaps cheaper then going to the hairdresser.

Henna also takes three days to develop to its full colour so be patient.

How soon can i dye my hair with henna?

If you have permanently coloured your hair its best to wait 6-8 weeks before trying henna as its possible your hair will go green.

If your hair is natural you can do it right away. if you hate your henna you will need to wait 8 weeks before colouring it or your hair will go green

Final tips

You can always do a strand test if you are unsure, i just put the henna in all my hair and hoped for the best but i don't recommend doing that if you are picky about colour.

Be patient ! leave it in for the full 4 hours and if your hard core overnight.

Read the instructions and follow carefully!

for stronger colour heat the henna block for longer

it will be messy so prepare yourself !!

Henna hair will look amazing in the sun! you will shine red.

for more info visit the lush website

Let me know how your henna goes !!!!

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