Super Creamy Almond Milk

I have been avoiding dairy in my diet for nearly 3 years, unfortunately it doesn't agree with me 😂 Commercially made Almond or nut milks are no where near as good as the real stuff. Most have been water down and fortified with extra calcium. Almonds are naturally high in calcium but contain phytates (phytic acid) which actually can reduce the amount of calcium absorbed within the body.

Home Made almond milk involves the process of soaking the nuts for 12 hours. Phytates are found mostly in the skin of almonds and soaking the almonds will help reduce the amount of phytates in the nuts increasing calcium absorption.

The home made stuff had a ratio of 1 cup almonds to 2 cups water making your calcium and almond content way higher than the commercially produced varieties.

The creamy almondy sweet milk will be a pleasant surprise.

This recipe is super easy to make ! Just make sure you start soaking the almonds 12 hours in advance. You can use any nut for this recipe , although price will vary for different nut variety's. Hazelnut milk made with fresh hazelnuts is also awesome.

The almond milk will keep for 4-6 days refrigerated, and you may find some separation in your milk, just give it a good stir.

The nut fibre from the milk can be used as a flour in my brownie recipe or in protein balls, Stay tuned for protein balls.......

Super creamy Almond milk

Prep time: 12 hours

Skill level: Easy


Bowl or jug

Measuring cup


Cheese cloth or fine cloth.



1 cup of almonds

2 cups of water = produces between 375 ml and 500 ml of almond milk


1. In a large jug or bowl place the 1 cup or how ever many cups of almonds you wish to use.

2. Cover the almonds in water for 12 hours or overnight. Keep the almonds covered and away from sunlight.

3. 12 hours later uncover the almonds , remove water and wash almonds.

4. Place almonds in a blender and add 2 cups/ quantity of water required.

5. Blend for up to 5 minutes

6. Either using cheese cloth or fine cloth, place the cloth over a mug.

7. Poor some of the almond mixture into the mug.

8. Close the cheese cloth and squeeze the cloth. Almond milk will begin to seep from the cloth leaving behind a moist nut fibre.

9. Place this into a separate bowl

10. Continue to do this in till all the milk processed.

11. Soon enough you will have a bowl full of fresh almond milk.

12. You may like to add some vanilla or a hint of honey.

13. Store in a jug in the fridge for up to 6 days.

As for the nut fibre you may like to use in a cake batter or protein bowl recipe.

i usually make about a litre at a time (doubling the recipe) ;)

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